• Building a Strong Trust

    We do not just deliver a service to our customers; we will stand by their side until they secure their tomorrow

  • Continuous Innovation

    We believe in continuous Innovation and Development to ensure our products and services are at the top of the technology ecosystem

  • Pursue Your Passion

    Our employees explore and pursue customer centric technologies that enhances user experience

We Drive Growth

Our Story


LivSoft was conceptualized by a team of engineers to address the ever-increasing technology challenges of the SME’s around the world. Our leaders had the foresight and the required passion to structure a company with state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly capable engineers who live and breathe the products we envision. We believe and operate on one-simple fundamental rule – “to partner with our customers & create enriching user experience” while constantly improving through technology innovations. We live by this vision every moment of our engineering journey. We are a team of ‘young and vibrant’ minds and are ready to take on any of the complex challenges, the industry has to offer.


Developing a sustainable business enterprise by constantly innovating and offering quality products and services to create an evocative user impact


Enhancing the business growth of our customers through market defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage
A commitment that stands true until we help our customers succeed by delivering quality solutions through our teamwork

Our Culture

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Our Culture is our true identity serving as the fundamental principle in our daily operations. At LivSoft, we encourage team collaboration across all spectrums to enable innovation and contribute to the company’s growth. We encourage our employees to own their learning and development practices thereby hone their decision-making skills and leadership capabilities. LivSoft’ s open communication policy encourages team to explore, express & experiment new thoughts and ideas that inspire for an vibrant working environment.

Application users for our products

Come join us and be inspired to do the best work of your life.

Let’s Collaborate, Create & Grow

Are you motivated enough to solve some of the unique and complex challenges of today or have an idea that could make a difference tomorrow? Come join us and be inspired to do the best work of your life.