Smart Healthcare solutions

IoT Enabled Solutions for Healthcare Providers & Patients

Smart Healthcare solutions

LivSoft IoT solutions connects patients and devices to enable actionable insights that aid for better patient care and practices.

Our IoT driven healthcare solutions help medical practitioners & hospitals to manage medical operations through data accuracy, resulting in a better prediction of health issues & proactive treatments plans thereby enhancing customer experience.


Connected Medical Devices

Manage any number of medical devices
Automated Device to analytics dataflow
Remote device configuration and services

Smart Clinics & Hospitals

Remote monitoring of patient’s health
Data analytics application for clinicians & Patients
Hospital assets and resources Management

Build Trust with Patients

Understand patient behavior through reports
Communicate proactively by analyzing behavior
Smart communication for instant prescription

Experience NextGen Medicare

We have designed our IoT solutions to enable hospitals to serve better through automation. Leverage our solutions and create an everlasting bond with the Patients.