Smart Home Automation

An Intelligent Infrastructure for Smart Living.

Smart Home Automation

LivSoft brings IoT to life by delivering an enhanced, efficient and cost-effective smart living solutions & incorporates an automated quality ecosystem to your lives.

With Our home automation solutions, you can now control any of your home appliances with a simple tap through our IoT App. Our solutions are completely modular, can be customized as per your preferences and caters to both old & new homes.


Convenience Living

Customized modules to schedule appliances utilization
Create mood based light performance and Transformation
Intelligent appliances that detects motion and act

Increased Savings

Boost saving by routine scheduling of your appliances
Smart lamps that remembers your routine to turn on or off
Control appliances through App & monitor energy consumption

Enhanced Lifestyle

Sleek & stylish modules compatible with all brands
Easy installations that add value to your home interiors
Provocative designs that powers your home and your lifestyle

Experience Connected Living

We have designed our IoT solutions to create a smart living of your dreams. Leverage our solutions and stay connected to your home or office from anywhere.