Smart Fleet Monitoring

Track Real-time, Monitor Assets & Deliver Effectively

Smart Fleet Monitoring

Our IoT offerings are aimed at optimizing your supply chain operations by connecting across a centralized automated network.

LivSoft delivers unified IoT solutions for logistics that provides you unprecedented visibility to track your assets, equipment and transactions through embedded sensors. It enables you to connect all assets across a centralized network to capture critical data and increase efficiency.


Aid Fleet Productivity

Automated dispatching and routing
Enables fleet managers to monitor Assets
Reduce cost through dynamic vehicle routing

Real-time and Dynamic Data

BI-driven reports on Fleet movement
Asset health and driving behavior reports
Geofencing module to empower managers

Efficient Operations

Optimize routing and reduce expenses
 Complete route planning & Fuel analysis
Automated warehouse asset management

Experience Automated Operations

We have designed our IoT solutions to aid productivity with advanced operations. Leverage our solutions and stay connected to your fleet from anywhere.